Posted: June 26, 2017

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Picture RESCHEDULE Day is Friday, June 30th at 8:00 AM- Please arrive at 7:45 AM.  There WILL BE PRACTICE this day.

We understand this is a holiday weekend, but we have limited time for retakes and this was the only available day.

Below is the the online ordering link.  Families who order online will receive a FREE 8x10 photo calendar.

There are extra order forms in the mailboxes.

Please contact Kelly Calabria with any questions at vicepresident@quakertowndolphins.com


Picture Day is FRIDAY, 6/30/17

Your League’s Online Code is: QTOWNSWIM17



Drink Donations

Posted: June 11, 2017

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When dropping off drinks at practice this week, please make sure drinks are labeled with your families last name so we can give you credit. As a reminder, This year we are asking that each family donates drinks at the start of the season rather than before each meet. Please drop off the drink donations at the pool before the first home meet so that we can check your family off the list for the season. We ask that each family donates each of the following: 1 - Case of name brand water (Deer Park or Poland Spring preferably) 1 - 12 pack of 12 oz. cans of name brand soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mug Root Beer, etc.) 1 - 8 pack of 20 oz. Gatorade (Any color -- Please NO Powerade) Thank you for your continued support of the team!

Snack Stand Baked Goods

Posted: June 6, 2017

Category: QSST

Throughout the season, each family is asked to bring baked goods to be sold at the snack stand. 

  • Baked goods can be homemade cookies, brownies, Rice Crispy treats, etc.
  • The baked goods should be individually wrapped.
  • If the baked goods contain peanut butter, please label each bag clearly. 
  • No cupcakes please.

We ask that all families bring the baked goods on the following dates:

  • Last names from A to G, please bring a baked good for the meet on June 19.
  • Last names from H to L, please bring a baked good for the meet on June 26.
  • Last names from M to R, please bring a baked good for the meet on July 3.
  • Last names from S to Z, please bring a baked good for the meet on July 10.

If you have any questions about the baked goods, please contact Kathy Donohue

Thank You!



QSST Calendar

Posted: June 3, 2014

Category: QSST

On the QSST website, there is a link at the top of every page marked "CALENDAR".  Clicking on that link will bring you to the team calendar.

There you can find lots of useful information, such at practice times and meet schedules.

Clicking on a particular event in the calendar will bring up any additional information, such as when different age groups are to practice, etc...

Please check the calendar often, as it will be kept up to date.  Thank you !


For up-to-the-minute news, such as for weather related changes, please see the website home page for any Alerts.

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